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        <h2>SERVICES</h2><h3>We are progressive</h3>*please note that some of these are paid services*
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                                    Have you got an Ad you'll like to promote? Could be your blog, a product etc. Anything legal really. We offer different Ad spaces and image sizes (square, rectangle, header/footer & banner) to shared via the website, posts & newsletters.</p>                


We offer book reviewing services to publishers/authors. By contacting us, we’ll reach out to our resident book reviewers and get those who are interested & Also an editorial review can be shared in a newsletter.


We are happy to partner and work with other Bookish establishments, who are in need of our collaborative services. Contact us for more info about collaborations.


This is a helpful and resourceful blog, which will get you on your way to starting your own blog. But that doesn’t mean, people may not require further assistance. We can help with the customisation & starting up your own online webpage, such as the various arrangements needed and picking the best theme possible for your site, web page management etc. we are at your service.


Spotlight is a feature of Bookish Species, could be paid or unpaid, depending on how much we love the book, but that doesn’t mean indie authors & publishers can’t contact us, if they specifically want their books featured.

Get in touch

If you have a need for any of the services offered above? Or want to sponsor Bookish Species? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, click contact below to lead you to our Contact Info.