Literary Blogging 101: Blog Design 101 for WordPress Beginners

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Blog Design 101

I didn’t get the hang of designing my blog until recently and I am absolutely not a pro at it. What I did was Google. Google is key people and extremely important (also you need to know what you’re googling, to find the goodies) Google has helped me discover a lot of things (posts, blogs, editors etc.) that have greatly helped in designing my blog. Aside from Google, asking other people also helps a lot. You can make a post reaching out to bloggers and so many people will respond to you and just like magic you have many different options to choose from and learn about various users experiences.

We all know that there are many various platforms that are being used to host various Blogs/Sites, but I am more conversant with WordPress, I will try to cover as much ground as I can possibly remember about designing when it comes to it. Please note that I am not a professional when it comes to this and everything I am writing or showing is free to do and use by anyone, nor do I claim to own any of them, if they aren’t mine.

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There is something about WordPress that has to be noted. which powers a lot of sites, as it gives everyone who signs up a free site, and if you’re not satisfied offers paid plans, but it’s not compulsory you get a plan aside from the free one.

WordPress.Org is a site which helps many people who are self-hosting but using WordPress. This is paid hosting, there is no free plan, apart from widgets and plugins, which can be found at It has a lot more flexibility than and you can do a lot with it.

Both have a very similar interface especially if the self-hosted site has Jetpack enabled, makes running the site a lot easier and smoother.

p.s. the links provided lead to more detailed explanations of what is being discussed, and most provide detailed screenshots and videos.Pink #1

The Blog’s Theme

The first aspect of designing a blog is choosing the right theme. On, there are many preset themes to choose from, from free to paid. Sadly you can only upload a theme via if you use the Business or Premium Plan. Withstanding there are many free themes, that are hidden gems, once you get the hang of customizing it (with the help of graphic designing, WordPress tools & widgets)

When you’re self-hosting and you make use of WordPress like I said it is more flexible, you can upload themes yourself, which is extremely awesome, which means you can scout the many various sites with lists on the so-called best WordPress themes, many are free to use, if you don’t feel like paying for a theme or getting someone to customize a theme for you.

You can either watch the tutorial video below for a visual and audio guide to how to access, choose and activate themes and also read more about it at WordPress Support.

p.s. if you don’t want the WordPress “W” logo to show up, on the browser address bar icon, all you have to do is add a site icon. Learn more

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Pages & Posts

Posts are what keeps people coming back to our sites. It’s where the content we produce come alive and shine. It’s our job to make our posts as engaging as possible, while also carrying our unique brand and voice. No two person posts can be the same even if they are talking about the same thing unless it’s a reblog.

It’s important to set up the Pages that are going to be accessed on a site, there are preset pages already, such as About, Contact etc. You can also further include an FAQ page, Review Policy, Portfolio etc.

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